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A Day with Cheska Kramer

A Day with Cheska Kramer

12th May 2018

A casual and intimate conversation with Cheska Kramer, our ultimate mom goal.

A housewife, mom of 3 and just recently, a children's book author, Cheska shares with us the day-to-day life in the Kramer household, her relationship with her children, her personal style, and life lessons that she shares with her family.


"Doug and I, we're both kids at heart. I still enjoy playing with toys. There are toys that I ask Kendra to buy, but they're actually for me."

"It's nice to know that we can still be kids and enjoy and have fun, do the things that you know, our children will never forget"

Besides the simple joys, Cheska also appreciates the pretty things in life, most especially, shoes. When asked about her personal style, she shares, "It depends on my mood.. and the shoes that I'm wearing."

She likes to wear comfortable pieces especially on days she spends with her kids, but on date nights with Doug, more often than not, you'll see her in a pretty skirt.

Considering she's been under the limelight for most of her life, she exudes humility and an endearing playfulness. "We shouldn't bother ourselves with what other people have, instead, be grateful and thankful that we have, what we have."




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