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LCP Gives Back: Rocio Olbes - Ressano Garcia

LCP Gives Back: Rocio Olbes - Ressano Garcia

22nd Nov 2017

In line with this holiday season, LCP is pleased to bring you an exclusive collaboration with the Bars to Bear advocacy.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about Bars to Bears?

Bars To Bears is a livelihood initiative that creates teddy bears for disadvantaged children while simultaneously creating jobs for recovering women.

2. Why did you decide to start the Bars to Bears advocacy?

I was at a point in my life where I was at a crossroads and wanted to start helping people. I then decided to take over my family foundation and develop more programs on education and livelihood. After that, I was invited to speak in a women's seminar in Legaspi to inspire creativity and workmanship. I spent the day in a women's correctional facility and saw the incredible craft skills these women possessed, as well as their need to earn and have a better purpose. Eventually, I partnered with my cousin Natalia Soriano Cruz and Councilor Fernand Imperial and Bars To Bears was born.

3. How was the idea of Bars to Bears born?

Natalia and I were thinking of ways to help create livelihood for recovering women and also give back to children in need. The idea of a teddy bear was instant; as a teddy bear is the universal ambassador of care and love. To pay it even more forward we decided to only use left over material, "retasos", from local designers such as Rajo Laurel, Charina Sarte, Ito Curata, and other local designers.

4. Where do you see the initiative going? Do you plan on expanding the advocacy?

To date, we have donated over a thousand bears; which means we have created a thousand jobs and made a thousand children very happy. This season, together with LCP, we are doing our first ever Buy One, Give One Program which allows LCP girls to bring home a teddy bear as well as donate one to a child in need and provide livelihood for a recovering woman. I hope to keep pushing forward and maybe even expand to making other stuffed toys in the future.

5. Being the humanitarian that you are, how do you suggest LCP clients and friends who want to make a difference begin?

Making a difference is not difficult at all, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Do not get intimidated by wanting to start small if you know your purpose. For me, starting meant learning more about what is happening around us. I simply started by asking questions, reading, and seeking knowledge. Every little bit counts and just by reading this you are already making your own impact and helping others.

In line with this holiday season, LCP is pleased to bring you an exclusive collaboration with the Bars to Bear advocacy. Buy a limited edition On-the-Go set from Tocca, and not only do you receive a teddy bear made by recovering women, but you donate a teddy bear to a child in need. The Tocca holiday set includes a hand cream and a fragrance spray offered in their top scents.







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