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LCP Loves Kris Sy

LCP Loves Kris Sy

7th Mar 2017

Wife, entrepreneur, fitness guru, founder of Electric Studio, and one extraordinary woman—Kris Sy spoke to us about what it was like to take a risk in order to find true happiness. Get to know her story and how discovering her ultimate passion has changed her life and the life of others!
What’s the most courageous thing you've done in your life and how has it brought about change in your life and the lives of others?

Quitting my corporate job in NYC, moving home after 12 years, and starting my own business were the three hardest choices I’ve had to make. It was the first time I followed my gut and shut out what others told me to do. I threw away all the pros and cons and decision matrices I created and took a giant leap of faith. These decisions completely turned my life upside down and inside out. At 30, I had to re-start my career from scratch and learn to live in an environment I haven’t been in since I was 18. Until today these decisions have its inherent risks and challenges, but I can’t imagine it any other way. The 3 years I’ve been home have taught me a lot about myself—my strengths, weaknesses, and what truly makes me happy. I’m grateful for the new friendships I’ve made at Electric, from our incessantly energetic crew to our passionate group of riders. After over a decade of moving from city to city, I’m glad to have finally planted roots.


What are you most passionate about? How did you find this passion?

Indoor cycling of course! I discovered this addiction when I was living in NYC. I’ve always been an active person—I exercised at the gym, played soccer, and practiced yoga. But after chancing upon my first indoor cycling class, it was love at first ride. I had that eureka moment where I felt that I finally found a workout that fit my lifestyle. I got a full body workout and I was in and out the door in 45 minutes. Time flew by after each ride and working out didn’t feel like work. What used to be a weekly regimen quickly escalated to 4 times a week. I was hooked to cycling as much as I was hooked to my afternoon coffee. Back in 2014, I spotted a gap in Manila’s fitness scene, so my team and I decided to take the plunge and create what is now the Philippines’ first indoor cycling boutique, Electric Studio. I knew that whatever business I would embark on would completely consume me so it had to be something I was head over heels over. Indoor cycling became more than just part of my lifestyle; it became my life.

What role does fashion play in your life?

Fashion empowers me. What I wear makes me feel a certain way, which then affects my attitude and performance. When I used to work corporate, the heels, suit, or dress I wore helped me exude the confidence I needed that day. Now when I teach at Electric, what I wear for my ride prepares me mentally and physically. The right outfit can set the right mindset, and having the right mindset is everything.

What advice can you give other women to find and pursue their own passions and dreams?

Be in constant search of that dream, and when the timing is right, don’t hesitate to jump. As women, we sometimes underestimate ourselves and think twice (even thrice) about the opportunities we want to take. We hesitate and question our abilities. Believe that you have the right to do what you want, believe in yourself, and simply go for it.


In your opinion, what does the future hold for women?

What’s great in this generation is I see the roles of men and women start to shift. Dual income families are more common, which means husbands and wives take on multiple roles. It’s okay if a woman doesn’t cook (guilty as charged) and it’s okay to see men care for their children. I see husbands and wives work together to be both successful at work and at raising their kids. I believe we will see gender roles continue to blur and what’s great is this means a woman can live the life they want and at their full potential. There’s no need to conform to traditions or to accept what was once society’s expectation of us.

Makeup by Bea Colet and Alex Lisbona

Hair by Anton Toa

Photography by Shaira Luna

Creative Direction by Erin Torrejon and Tris Flores

Written by Erin Torrejon

Kris is wearing a Finders Keepers "Better Days Top", Mercedes Salazar earrings, and her own jeans and flats.




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