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LCP Loves Linda Ley

LCP Loves Linda Ley

8th Dec 2017

Linda Ley has found a way to combine her passion for whipping up amazing feasts with her passion for charity with advocacy Angels to Street Kids (ASK). Find out more about her newest project, ASK Soup Kitchen and how we too can lend a helping hand.

Can you tell us about the charity that you support?

I belong to a group of civic minded friends whose advocacy is to feed poor hungry children in the marginalized areas all over Metro Manila. We call ourselves the Angels to Street Kids (ASK). We started this 6 years ago- five close friends who decided to address the problem of hunger among the marginalized. Today, we are 20 active members. We occasionally feed the elderly and give them their needs for hygiene. We bring ophthalmologists to help them with their eyesight issues. We accommodate all the barangays that ask our help. We are now raising funds to put up a permanent soup kitchen in Tondo. This soup kitchen is looking to give a bowl of soup each to 300-500 poor people 6 days a week.

What inspired you to work with your charity?

Seeing the happy faces of our beneficiaries every time we do our outreach is truly what inspires me. To be able to reach out and touch their lives is a privilege, which gives me a sense of fulfillment.

How does your support for your advocacy fit into your everyday life?

It allows me to continuously learn to share, always count my blessings and to keep aspiring to make a difference.

What is your Christmas wish for your charity?

I wish we would be able to make more people happy in our own little ways. The goal is that by early next year we will be able to start serving 300 children daily with our new project, the ASK Soup Kitchen.

How can LCP girls support your charity in their own simple ways?

LCP girls can join our feeding program that happens once a month. We go to different barangays and distribute lunch boxes with some of the food specially prepared by Chef Jessie Sincioco. Everyone is welcome to join. You may contact me at




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