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LCP Loves Vanessa Vergara

LCP Loves Vanessa Vergara

8th Dec 2017

PR girl turned ocean advocate, 26-year old Vanessa Vergara has come to fulfill her childhood dream with her advocacy, Reef Check. Read on as she shares with us small ways we can make a big difference in ocean conservation.

Can you tell us about the charity that you support?

I am supporting ocean conservation through the charity named Reef Check. We give everyone a chance to save the ocean and at the same time, provide education and livelihood programs to our fellow Filipinos that live by the coast.

What inspired you to work with your charity?

I have always been drawn to the ocean. It was my childhood dream to be a Marine Biologist and I lost my heart to the sea when I learned that working on conservation can also provide jobs and other opportunities to those in remote areas.

How does your support for your advocacy fit into your everyday life?

You'd be surprised how much plastic ends up in the ocean. As a dive professional, it breaks my heart when I see more plastic than fish. Being more responsible with the things I buy, the food I eat and the products I use go a very long way already.

What is your Christmas wish for your charity?

I wish that people get more inspired to see the importance and magic of the ocean. I want to expand the project sites in the Philippines and I can only do that with your help.

How can LCP girls support your charity in their own simple ways?

LCP is such an inspirational brand. We need more people like those in LCP to start a movement. Simply using less plastic and talking about the beauty and importance of our beaches and sea will help us immensely.




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