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Sambie Rodriguez: In Full Bloom

Sambie Rodriguez: In Full Bloom

4th May 2018

Style icon and resident LCP girl, Sambie Rodriguez has really come into her own. With a surreal engagement and a wedding on the way, read on to find out more about Sambie, in full bloom.

1. Congratulations on your engagement! We want to know all about it! Can you tell us how it happened? Did you see it coming?

Thank you so much! I'm still floating. It's a pretty crazy story actually. It took us about 7 hours through the Great Ocean Drive to get to the 12 Apostles from Melbourne. I had absolutely no idea it was going to be there because of all the bad luck our group was having. We meant to catch the sunset but didn't make it. Then on the way back to the house we were staying at, one of the cars stopped-- we had to call for roadside assistance! Catching this Wonder of the World during sunrise was our last ditch effort (I had no idea at that time that it truly was Mikko's last ditch effort haha). But the turn of events made the moment so utterly perfect... Because we were there before sunrise, there were barely any tourists and we had the place almost all to ourselves. The view was breathtaking and the moment magical. Honestly, I didn't hear a thing Mikko said once he starting getting on one knee. I think he was just as nervous because he put the ring on the wrong hand haha! All I felt was BLISS. It truly was the happiest I have ever felt...

2. How is the planning coming along? How did you begin the process of wedding planning?

The planning has been super smooth sailing! I am trying to get as much done as soon as possible. I love planning ahead so this kind of thing really does excite me! I was on it the second we landed.

3. Can you give us any hints on your dream wedding gown?

Tricky question! Haha! But I have always wanted to feel like a princess on my wedding day.

4. How has your style evolved through the years?

I think when I was younger, I was more experimental with trends. Nowadays, I like to stick to classic silhouettes and clean lines that I know flatter my body. I've definitely ditched heading out in my college attire: short shorts, tank tops, and flipflops haha! I realized there's a more put together way of dressing casually. Today, you can catch me in my Nikes or linen everything during the day, and LCP for my evening ensembles!

5. What has been your staple LCP brand and why?

I LOVE Finders Keepers and CMEO Collective. I literally want every season from those two brands to magically teleport into my closet.

6. What is your best style tip?

Best style tip: Know yourself and know your body. Not all trends work for everyone. So the best thing you can do is to find your personal style and once in a while incorporate trends that work for you. Invest in quality clothes as well! Theyll last longer and will most likely hold their fit over time. You guys have no idea how much I love repeating my LCP outfits!

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