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The Valentine's Edit: Hints At Loving Yourself

The Valentine's Edit: Hints At Loving Yourself

14th Feb 2018

A little dose (or a lot) of self-love is what everyone needs. Take our cues on how to celebrate yourself not just today, but every single day.

Give yourself some credit. Why not start a journal documenting all your achievements and things that make you feel good? Be your own cheerleader and never put yourself down.


Take care of your body. Looking good on the outside also translates to feeling good on the inside. Look and feel pretty for yourself!

Life can be hectic but always make it a point to set aside some "me time". Work hard, but never to the point of exhaustion, learn how to have the perfect balance. Giving in to your hobbies and interests will keep you stable in the long run.

Gift yourself with things that you love, life-changing experiences, and knowledge that will help you grow. Invest in yourself, you are your biggest asset!

Stay true to who you are. Your quirks and imperfections are what sets you apart from everyone else. Learn from your mistakes, laugh at some of them, and never compare yourself to anyone.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." – Lucille Ball

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Photographed by Tristan Flores
Hair and Makeup by Cel Cabildo
Styled and Written by Samantha Chan
Special thanks to Yael Umali & Zarah Abu
Model: Alina Morozova
Shot on location: Solution Space PH, Vengo Makati, The Belle & Dragon




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