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LCP Loves Marie Faith

LCP Loves Marie Faith

7th Mar 2017

From being an engineer to now fulfilling her dream of being an entrepreneur, Marie Faith, a wife, mom of 3, and a truly exceptional woman, shares her secret to discovering her life purpose and achieving her biggest goal in life. Read on to find out what motivates her daily and what being a woman means to her.
What motivates and inspires you in your field of work daily?

Working with good people motivates me to always move forward. I am fortunate to know talented and kind people to work with whether it be for our kids room styling workshop or furniture collaborations. Another thing that motivates me is studying! I study trends all the time—I spend a lot of time researching new emerging trends and spend my late hours looking at new fabric designs and new fabric types. Trends travel quite slow to the Philippines so it creates a challenge for us in terms of how we can create an awareness for the new trends here early on so they can appreciate the new products. 

What's your biggest dream or goal in life? Have you achieved it?

As I grew older (and older), I've realized that goals change in relation to your current life experiences. When I was younger my goals were simpler—get in the dean's list, graduate with honors, get my dream job, and get that promotion. At this point in my life my biggest dream is to finally work on something I’m truly passionate about. My work before as a drilling engineer had been fulfilling, challenging, all while giving me a stable income that allowed me to have a good life, but I had no passion for it. Right now, the work I do with Pottly N Tubby is definitely something I love and I can stay up for hours and hours working on—going through fabric selections and prints, and studying trends for the coming year. It is harder, yes, it pays less at the moment, yes, but I feel alive working for it. I feel the fire inside that pushes me to drive it to succeed. Entrepreneurship is a hard gig. We always laughed about this in our chat group with my fellow moms who also run their own small businesses. If you think that having your own business means you will have more downtime compared to having a 9-5, you are dead wrong. With your own business, it is the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you will think about before you nod off to sleep. You live and breathe it, and that's why you need passion, because without it, you will quit after a few months.

Who is the most siginificant woman in your life and how has she inspired you?

My Mama Sylvia was like my second mother. I have spent most of my childhood with her while I was in elementary school. Mama Sylvia was a seamstress—a woman who lived simply, not blessed with riches but someone who is generous until the very end of her life. She was always raising other people's kids. My memory of her was always of kindness, even when her own life was not easy and not often happy. Mama Sylvia always inspired me to be a better human being, that whatever hardships, pains, and struggles you are going through, you always have a choice how to handle it. Also that you should never lose your humanity just because the times are tough, that you can always choose the right thing to do.

What's the best thing about being a woman?

The resilience. Women are born with so much inner strength to be able to go through so many challenges. The resilience to give even when you have given it all, to become a better partner, to be a present mother, to push forward with your career, to be healthy and fit, to be socially conscious, to be everything and still have fun and enjoy life and fashion,and everything in between. That inner toughness that says don't mess with my kid or you'll have it coming. That strength that encompasses protecting her family even when she herself is so fragile and frail—that’s the best thing about being a woman. You see this lithe limber body and you think it will break so easily and yet it just sways with adversities and sways back up again, and as we age we become even more.

What advice can you give other women to find and pursue their own passion and dreams?

From what I have learned, it is a case of just starting. Yes, just starting. Whatever it may be—whether you want to branch out as a consultant for your particular field of work or you want to explore your creative side. The key is to not getting stuck in the mindset that whatever you started has to work out and work out immediately. You could start, change it, restart, tailor it again, until you find the right formula for what you are looking for.

Makeup by Bea Colet and Alex Lisbona

Hair by Anton Toa

Photography by Shaira Luna

Creative Direction by Erin Torrejon and Tris Flores

Written by Erin Torrejon

Marie is wearing a Keepsake the Label "Sweet Nothing Top," and her own jeans, earrings, and heels.




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